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blessed christmas to one and all!

christmas is still a nice, nice, warm, warm season after all that stress and irritation and mood swings and crazy frenzy of last-minute gift-shopping, gift-wrapping, choir practices, christmas services, etc. etc. etc. :)

my christmas wish is to be able to lay my hands on grey's season 4 (actually, last 2 epis of season 3, as well) and find the time to watch through it at my own pace with some peace of mind. but of course, my wishes are usually unattainable, so i won't hold too high hopes for this one--maybe, not in the near future, at least. but anyway, no harm hoping. so long!

(perhaps, as with resolutions, wishes are made so that you have a chance of revisiting and revising what the things are, that you are working towards in life... whether or not you actually eventually fulfil them.)

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