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zhao si mu xiang?

i have nothing really to update on, unless you wanna hear about my dreams. have been dreaming of a certain hamburger these past coupla days. how ah?

the first one was about some "end of the world" thingy... vietnamese were trying to rule the world by tricking people into eating some sorta pills which turned you into an instant sponge-brained idiot. it boiled down to only kx, hammie and i who were fully aware of the danger, and could possibly attempt to "save the world".

as with most "armageddon" stories, everyone'll be wanting to leave some last words with their loved ones... touching crap and stuff (from watching too much tv). and at that point of time in the dream, i had stepped on a rusty nail and the sole of my foot was bleeding badly, so i was taking a great amount of antibiotics alongside my acne caps. (this most certainly has to come from senny's stories invading my dreams!) and i was feeling scared that the pills might just turn out to be those sponge-brainers... i remember kx and hams seated at my kitchen table looking downcast, and i had to confide in one of them before the pills took effect, assuming they're the sponge-brain-makers.

then i spoke to hams and pulled him aside, while kx sat and watched from a distance... tells much huh. :/

second dream was today. except that it involved that certain hamburger, i can't recall more. which is for the better too, i suppose.

this is embarrassing.

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