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29 February 2008 @ 11:31 am
ich traeume, und heute  
i dreamt it was flooding from the heavy rain outside, so much so that the water had risen to a level above the first floor of the hdb flats outside my building. (in my dream, i was living on the second floor.) i climbed out of the living room window to sit on, y'know, somesorta jutting-out piece of landing(?) that some hdb flats tend to have (where some people like to place flowerpots and whatnots?). and so i sat there, admiring the little droplets of rain on the huge expanse of water covering the bus-stop and carpark downstairs, thinking, how beautiful. and then i climbed back inside, into my sister's room, to borrow her camera for a pic i could post on lj.

of course, i spared some thought for the occupants of the houses downstairs and their poor soggy computers and whatnots. and all those poor inconvenienced people who couldn't go to school... or to work. poor, poor them, while i had all the time in the world to climb out of my window and admire the beauty of what they'd think of as a disaster. and then the dream, slowly by slowly, bit by bit, very xian qing yi zhi-ly... kinda faded off...

why, my day-off today gives me the luxury to dream.
Mood: relaxed
Music: Kendall Payne - I Will Show You Love