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self-discovery for the day:
you give me something, start me off on it, i'll work on it, draw from it, add value to it--this is what i seem to do much better than creating something out of nothing on my own--'though it is very probably not that i am not able to do so.

you start us off on the topic and i help with the endless relevant extrapolation.
you give me the to-the-point analogies and i expand and elaborate on them.
you provide the choices; i do the picking.
given the theory and concept for basis, i apply and write.
people do the research, i pick out the flaws.
i am possibly sharper at editing than at producing fresh text. (but this is debatable.)

it is deemed more valuable, more respectable, however, to be inventor than improver, originator than developer.

there has always got to be a sidekick, without whom the hero remains but zero. the sidekick. let me happily be. :)

yeah, this is called positioning. positioning the self as the oh so humble and ever supportive sidekick whose efforts remain eternally unrecognised. i guess, this is also called some sort of reflexivity. turning back and looking around at the self, identifying self's conscious or not so conscious intentions and finding amusement in it. finally, to pull back to topic, i mean, our topic, for which reference cannot be found in this text -- just 'cos you point it out (in this case, on positioning, explicitly) and laugh at yourself for it, doesn't mean you didn't mean, didn't feel the words you said, when you said it. okay, fark, another lousy analogy. bah!

actually, my mood is "crazy" lah. which i think having "urine" as current mood should have already very accurately described.

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