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short summary, quick update

- stayed over at senny's sunday night
- returned to vj to collect certs this morning
- cycled at east coast park during noon
- german class and test in the evening
- missed catching finding nemo due to... unexpectedly large crowds
- rina stays over my house tonight
- possibly lunch at parkway tomorrow
- finding nemo downtown slightly later
- goodness knows what more programmes......

it hadn't been a neccessity to update... until we met lippy on the way to/outside/inside school... my luck?!

mr. tang at point of arrival, lippy slightly after, dominic chua at ecp gelare's later... three faves (current/had been/jokes) within such short time... fainted.

lippy's a changed man/boy/kid/cutesy. extremely positively (i'd say), in typical girl's eyes. not-so-appealingly, in mine... sighz. only shred of the old lippy left in him -- returned to school to mug on first day of his hols.

much more to rave on. eg. totally itched to ask for a photo with him. spontaneoously gave a big wave when he turned around. stuff any normal sane human would frown upon, disapprove of... coming from me too... ewww.

but it's late, slept from about 5-10am this morn, plus rina's currently *snoring* behind me. so shall only subject my loyal and faithful readers to a continuation of this another time, maybe.

ps: neglected to mention meeting chunghei and younger bro, chungpok/chungpong or something. and xiao huiling too.

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