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little inconveniences

my poor maid's got appendicitis and has gone to the hospital with my mum to get her raptured appendix out. how feaful. and my mum had to take half the day off to take her there today. and yati's daily schedule has been put on hold... may have to be put on hold for the next couple of days. which means we're in a mess... and now we hit the re-realisation how the average singaporean family can hardly live life proper without a maid. especially with all adults working, an elderly and a cat (plus many fishes and plants) at home, kids who can't be bothered to clean up after themselves and have their butts permanently stuck in front of the computers, blahblahblah blahblahblah.

my gran's currently making herself abit of a trouble; what with leaving the taps on, switching the lights on and off, shuffling about the house rummaging the kitchen for food, leaving bits of 'kee-changs' lying about the floor... and the painters on their gondolas going about upgrading our flat right outside my window aren't making my frustration any better. the cat pad's a disaster, guybrush looks dishevelled, so do i, likely. the fish tanks make me suspect the luohans have watched finding nemo too, the floor tells me where the sister has gone about brushing her hair, i'm probably gonna run out of clean clothes to wear in the next few days... ok...... i just got a fright seeing the painter outside......

i also just accepted nus, have yet to call up smu to free up my space, and have yet to read the thick nus package of forms we have to fill up and stuff we gotta do. shall be doing so in a while. had to wake at 11am this morning to get food for my gran and myself because yati was in too much pain to do anything. scary right... my dad just called to say she's been hospitalised and is currently under observation. the thought of an operation freaks her out, no doubt it'd freak me out too, if it were me having it. busy hectic day, nice to have a peaceful calming hymn at hand.

my current music; the last stanza, but its description ever as meaningful, my very favourite:

When ends life’s transient dream,
When death’s cold sullen stream over me roll;
Blest Savior, then in love, fear and distrust remove;
O bear me safe above, a ransomed soul!

listen to me

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