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of crossroads, uncertainty; fear and distrust

i just called up smu to free up my place in accountancy. the lady who took my call sounded vaguely like mrs. foo, you know the vj science hod, the one who made me cry? anyway the lady sounded so nice and kind and caring and understanding that she made me feel so miserable and guilty for withdrawing from them. she really reminded me of mrs. foo, not that i have any particular like/dislike for mrs. foo... i'm such a forgiving person... i've forgiven biye and xiao huiling eons ago, 'tho i may not neccessarily have forgotten.

it's like, smu has been so... enthusiastic and eager at recruiting/wooing its new students... they keep sending letters and emails and stuff. i was thinking, had i been calling up to reject my place in nus/ntu, i seriously doubt they'd have spoken to me as that "mrs.-foo-sound-alike" had. i'd feel more like just another statistic to nus/ntu, while 'tho i may also be just another statistic for smu, at least they sound so sincere. plus it's like they're so desperate (no negative connotation) for their students, just that they haven't built up a solid reputation yet, so some of the better ones actually prefer nus/ntu.

i wish i didn't so often have to choose between stuff like this. arts/science... it seems to me it might be easier if it was simply ntu vs smu, or engineering vs accountancy. 'cos after all, i've got a direct bus to each smu campus, and that's all that'd really matter to me then. but then, that may be because i'm outside of those dilemmas now, so they all sound less tough decisions to make. please let this be a good path to take... i don't say right/wrong path 'cos there're no rights/wrongs... i just hope to enjoy the walk and may i not have to look back someday and wish i took another.

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