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durian tonight

i have had such cravings of late.

tiramisu @ spagheddies
xiao long bao @ din tai fung
mashed potato
pretty cocktails
bubble tea
durian cake
durian anything

and for each and every single one of these, i have acted upon them almost immediately; in fact, the people around me have also been extremely supportive in helping me achieve my foodie goals.

yeah, somebody really said it right - i'm such a glutton, i would likely go half the ends of the world to satisfy each and every one of my cravings, and i'm quite buay pai seh to do so because i think that as such the skinny kid i am, it is perfectly socially acceptable for me to do so.

this is not to say that i have no self-restraint (whether or not i have any at all is another matter), but rather that i see no need for restraint. and perhaps, this may not apply solely to food. but... yeah... food would easily make one of my top priorities in life.

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