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my lg secret

my lg secret is most disappointing. aside from it's pretty pretty exterior and 5mp cammie with flash and auto-focus, which is, imo, way better than sony ericsson's with the exact same specs, it has thus far been most most disappointing. let me just list them out quickly.

first off, i can't switch the camera click sound off; not even when i put the phone on silent mode. either that or i just haven't yet found out how to, as the instruction booklet is most scanty. i also haven't found out how to lock the phone, except by sliding it close. the music player is extremely user-unfriendly. in fact, the entire phone, i would say, is quite user-unfriendly. the storage arrangement of files, etc. sucks. even the fastest way to the most basic functions (for me, that is, the music player and messaging) takes several clicks.

i have trouble operating the music player function quickly - and i wouldn't really attribute the fault to myself, since i usually adapt to new systems pretty okay. in short, the music player is not one-click-easy, not even two; neither is the messaging system. in getting into "write new message", and sending, and deleting items, it requires several steps of confirmation - good for the kiasi people, but more mafan for me. i don't quite like the design of the earphones either - the length of both sides are equal - my usual is that the wire for my left earphone is shorter than the right. and it's not even adjustable! but then, i understand that the ipod is like that too, which may be why i don't have one.

finally, the battery life is freaking short. one of my colleagues explained to me that it might be because it's a touchscreen phone. but (1) its touchscreen functions are so minimal, i didn't even know it was touchscreen when i bought it. (2) i didn't even use the touchscreen function, and within one and a half days, the phone conked out on me - and i hadn't even used it very much at all... my friends will know how seldom and how many years i take to reply their smses - it simply must be charged daily!

i must say that i really think that looks-wise, it really is quite nice. but functions-wise, it has really disappointed. i think i would much favour functionality over looks, especially when these days, i really don't have the free time to go fiddle here and there and waste time clicking so many buttons just to send one sms, delete a couple of messages, switch the music player to my favourite song, etc.

hence, i am thinking of trading it in.

it is so true that "satisfied customers tell three friends; angry customers tell 3,000".

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