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"auntie, zhen zhu yi bei..."

this is the new mobile that i desperately wanna lay my hands on. when's it finally coming out just so i can get rid of the horrible lg secret i'm currently holding on to?!

a follow-up on my previous entry reviewing my personal experience with my lg secret - i really find that the camera and photo functions on the phone have met and far surpassed my expectations... but everything else really sucks. really, really sucks. fullstop.

okay, sorry, i can't stop bitching, but the phone is absolutely sucky in multi-tasking. when i have the music function on, the shortcut function to the write message function doesn't seem to work! and when calls come in while i have the music and earphones on, i can't seem to answer the call with a touch of button! in fact, i don't even know how many buttons or how many times i have to click in order to answer the call... because, by that time, i had already missed the call and had to call back instead.


p.s.: you put me in a good mood 'cos shortcuts are important to me and i love immediate access. :))

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