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29 September 2008 @ 12:50 am
look, ma, no lj-cut!  

since i couldn't figure out anymore how to post the link and image on facebook, might as well post it on my trusty livejournal instead. i really love the theme song... these cute young kids... *wistful sigh* i hope to get to go to taipei in december.

welcome back from the land of vodka, femdog. let's meet up some time this week or something, say tuesday night? email me at work? i still don't like to use my lousy lg secret... it's no longer called "molotov", i just call it "lousy"... i'm down to "messaging" via lj and email and facebook. sick huh.

monday again. good thing wed's a hol. and a short placement test on tuesday evening. 'night.
Mood: awake