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anata-wa oneko desu ka?

oh, on thursday evening, we had dinner at the tiffin club at keong saik street - we were the restaurant's only customers that night; food wasn't great but ambience was quite above average, considering we had the entire place to ourselves... booboo bear was very happy, 'tho i think he wasn't that fascinated with the company's crazy sometimes cruel antics towards him, sigh.

saturday, i learnt how to say in japanese, "are you a cat?", "are you a dog?", "what is your cat's name?", "my cat's name is guybrush!", and of course the boring "what is your job?". somebody's mum commented that i look japanese. dinner was at a humble thai restaurant at purvis street run by khon thais. despite enthusiastically practising how to order the food, etc. in thai, when the phii finally came to take the order, we totally shut up. it wasn't until she had taken the order and left us, that we started spewing out again what we would have said. tsktsk. sunny bear, named after somebody's superior, also came home with me. he is socialising in bed with wee-wee bear at the moment.

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