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3 phones...

i have yet to compare the prices, but shall it be the sony ericsson experia, se w960i or se w902? it was only after the se w902 came out (the model that has been very much publicised on my blog a couple of months back), that i realised that it wasn't as goodlooking as it had appeared online (much like kate spade bags *sigh*). one thing i want to find out - does the w960i have some sort of external memory function?

the w902 is definitely much better than the other two in terms of its photo and video functions, with a 5mp camera, 16x zoom, video stabiliser, etc. versus the other two's 3.2mp, 3+xzoom. but then again, i'm not crazy about video/cam functions. the w902 also appears to have the more superior music functions - strange names like "sensme", "clear bass" and "shake control", whatever those are... but then again, they all have their own somesorta basic music functions and it may just be that the phone may actually have somesorta function like that, but is not necessarily the highlight of the phone, so not explicitly "publicised", as has been my experience with sony ericsson phones. and of the 3 phones, only the w902 does not have the touch screen function - which does not exactly matter to me, but given that the trend (haha!) is going towards touch screens these days, it would be just that little bit cooler *sheepish* to have a touch screen thing that outdoes my current lg secret.

i'm actually tending towards the experia or w960i now, but it really does depend on the pricing... the w902's price made me stop and think for quite a bit, plus the fact that the experia seems to be doing a lot of advertising now, must be even more ex (no pun intended). the w902 hasn't even been advertised that much (i think), i think a lot of people still don't know much about it, could it be that there's some bug in it or something? and if the w960i relies solely on internal memory, then it's a confirmed strike-out from my list. okay, i think i shall just go check out the prices first.

i think i'm quite a madly brand-loyal freak. doesn't help that my experience with the lg secret was quite the sucky, 'tho by now i've kinda gotten used to its suckiness liao ('tho not very much through complaining yet). many of you will likely still remember i used to be very loyal to nike. well, i still think nike produces the best sportsbras, heh, but its slippers and sandals, bags, etc. aren't as pretty anymore, sadly.

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