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the xperia costs about $1,200 and the w902 costs about $838 without contract. with a suitable contract, $843 and $498 respectively. so unaffordable. shit. but still a bit gian leh. $800 is quite quite steep in the context of the current economy and knowing that the price will be dropping sooner or later (like my stupid lg secret which cost me $498 with contract). getting the phone means no more tatt in the near future... a tatt is definitely far more affordable but a bit less satisfying. getting the xperia means probably don't need to think of another good holiday in the next 6 months anymore... but i do so enjoy owning cute new gadgety stuff, argh!

p.s.: of course, if i get the xperia, my parents are gonna be horrified at the price i'd be paying for it, and will of course be doing their necessary bit of nagging, sigh.

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