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we watched marley and me and the curious case of benjamin button yesterday. benjamin button is a movie that apparently received a lot of rave reviews, but we were a bit like, wth?! already halfway through the show. marley and me, on the other hand, i heard, had been criticised for not having a plot. but, to me, no plot is still better than bad plot. how much of real life actually has any plot anyway?

the only bad thing about marley and me is that it ended almost right after marley died, so everybody (well, me) had to leave the theatre in tears. sob sob. i mean, i can really understand why some people refuse to ever again have a pet dog (or cat, for that matter) after their pet dies. it really is so much heartache to go through all over again. but still, better the pet die first than you to die on the pet... because, after all, it would only be a part of your life, but you would be its entire life. so sad, right?

poor old guybrush who's really getting on in age. :(

if only everyday could be like yesterday.

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