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a piece of my idle life

just some pictures from this place first. the weather today has been great - grey skies, dark clouds, cool and slightly drizzly - the sea is very handsome in weather like that. but the poor photographer in me just can't capture the beauty in it all exactly the way i see. i just keep falling in love with this one place over and over again. and as i said this morning, i think it's because all these feelings of utter freedom and liberation and that i actually have control over my own life, always happen over here.

view from the window

view from another window

view from the bedroom window

it really is a window

it really is the bedroom window

a very meaningful picture to me

can't stop gazing out the window

running outta captions

quinn and nameless - from one mold!

i love grocery shopping

some of the groceries

couldn't resist taking the bathroom shelves too
Tags: happiness

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