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McCarriage of Justice (article link from Adbusters)

hm. mccurry's should just rename themselves malaccurry (still short for malaysian chicken curry), but tell people that this spelling of its name is still pronounced as mc-curry, 'cos afterall, english is an amazing language, what - the 'l' is not actually the normal /l/ sound but a silent one, so all you need to do is to pronounce the "a" in the "mac" sound a bit longer, 'cos it's actually "ma*accurry" (remove the /l/ sound). good?

ah, but what about the mere pronunciation of the "mac" sound in the name? might mcd's sue for that as well? oh shucks, i guess then we might hafta consider changing a whole lot of other names too - from macmaster's university (mcgill university too!!!), to macritchie reservoir, to macintosh computers, to macdonnell and mac-whatever surnames... the offspring of all mac-families can no longer be allowed to bear their traditional scottish surnames! but never mind - they can replace their "mac"s with the "o'" (o'donnell, o'malley, etc.); same meaning anyway (i.e. "son of"). whew......

but wait!

i was gonna say, huh?! then "o macdonald had a farm" would be outlawed lah. then i realised that it's actually "old macdonald had a farm". so i guess that can just be changed to "old o'donald had a farm". afterall, i'm sure the song has cycled through many versions over the years anyway. ahh, it all sounds like such wonderful solutions. but will they start suing for the use of "donald" as well? hai.

given that this all seems to incur simply way too much trouble, time, labour and costs to regulate all these other mac/mc/donald words/sounds/spellings, why don't we try and address the root of the problem - mcd's should change its name instead! like, "it-that-should-not-be-named", or "voldemort" or something, if that makes it easily pronunciable... it could eventually be shortened to vdmort, or vd's for short. just imagine, "hey, i wanna have vd's for lunch today!", "i'm gonna get some vd's right now!". crispy golden vd fries. utterly delicious.

but then again, of course, there's always the worry that either jk rowling or the person who coined the short form for "venereal disease" might sue. aiyah, headache lah.

signing off,
o'dalene (because there's always the vague possibility it might eventually come down to similar-sounding names...)

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