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what glitch has scared/surprised you the most?

the most hilarious thread ever, if you play the sims 2. probably also the scariest, if it ever happened to you personally. the entire thread actually spans 8 full pages of 187 posts in all (and counting) of the shockingest glitches that have ever happened to players in-game. some posts really sent me into fits of laughter, my cat looked at me in shock.

some excerpts:

"One time I had a really twisted glitch. I was trying to kill off this sim via Rodney's Death Creator. They died from disease. But later, a really wierd string of events happened.

That night, all of the sims in the family were inside. Then, the ghost of the sim I had just killed appeared, It was kinda freaky cos she looked at the new puppy in this really scary I-shall-eat-you manner.
She didn't float like normal ghosts do, she would just stand somewhere and then teleport somewhere else. Then I noticed this girl was on my property at the dead of night, I forget her name now but she wasn't an ordinary townie. When she would walk around my house she would do so about a foot above the ground without bending her knees. Then she started wailing with a man's voice. She left after about a sim hour later.

Then a pop-up popped up with a man wearing a plantsim's clothes and the electrocuted haircut. He said "Oh, look at the time! I'd better go home" or something like that in the pop-up. The wierd thing was, he wasn't on the lot. The same happened about 2 in the sim-morning when another pop-up popped up saying the same thing, except instead of that man in the little thumbnail, it was this random old lady. She wasn't on the lot either.

And that wasn't the last of it. The next morning, the pirate from Bon Voyage appeared in a non-ghost form but still talked like his ghostly self. I was so spooked that I quit that family and I have never played it again.

"Mine was in CAS, or maybe bodyshop, I think I'd installed some hair but forgot to install the mesh. When I tried to use the hair, instead of it just coming up with the normal maxis hair when you forget the mesh, the Sim's head turned into the social bunny. And it was huuge!!! OMG, I actually screamed because it was so sudden and totally freaked me out, seeing this great big yellow rabbit head on my sim's body. I think I've also had a similar CAS glitch where the sim's head turns into a wolf for no reason, with its mouth all open and crazy looking. So scary..."

"When I played Pleasant View, I play Bellacove now, Alexander Goth and his dad went to downtown and they were playing swing around, when they came back, Alexander had a..you know the small statue of something looked like flying dinosaur stuck on his head, I hate dinosaur, I was so depressed and didn't know what to do, so I reinstalled the game (before I know that we can reset the neighborhood or reset with force error), sigh, I just hate dinoseaur. :p"

"For me, the creepiest glitch was when this one sim didnt take their eyes off me. Everywhere that sim waked and everything she did, she continued staring at me as sims periodically do. I had to reset that sim with oh so wonderful boolprop. Too bad i didn't take pics"

my own one, non-posted.

you know, back in sims 1, when earning the option to adopt children didn't come by so easily? once, i created this new family of an old couple, and included in the character description text that this family was really longing for a kid of their own after years of loneliness, something like that. and then i loaded this new family into a newly-built house, and had them talk to each other to build up their relationship scores. within 5 real-life minutes of the game, a pop-up appeared with the woman asking the man, "shall we have a baby?" i was so shocked, 'cos usually this takes YEARS of in-game playing time, and then the request usually came by phone, where some social worker would ask if you'd like to adopt a baby.

a bit freaked out at how the game seemed to be actually reading and interpreting my character descriptions, i stopped playing sims 1 for a while. and then, of course, sims 2 came out... hehe.

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