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on an eating-and-"window-shopping" trip out to town with my sister after attending a church wedding this afternoon, we ended up quickly settling breakfast-lunch-and-dinner at 4pm at some jap place and then staking the rest of the time out at kino's. (that is, after mph and times yielded nothing but disappointment...) and i ended up busting another close to hundred bucks on 3 books... despite supposedly being flatbroke. i really have very little self-discipline.

but the books, in my opinion, are really good ones, which i really don't wanna hafta wait 'til i get a job and have no time to read 'em anymore, before getting them. well, at least 2 of the books are really good ones; the other fiction book is just pretty good... i picked it up and couldn't put it down afterwards. note that i'm only logging on and blogging now after having finished it. sigh, there goes $18.14 - island of lost girls, jennifer mcmahon.

island of lost girls is a sorta mystery-thriller. lotsa intertextual references, names, stories, all which were used and tied together pretty nicely, i think. much better than the jeffrey deaver novels that make awkward attempts at some cleverness (coffin dancer, bone collector, etc.), and actually work better as movies than novels at all. at this point, i made a quick google for the lost girls book, so that i might post the link here; i was pleasantly surprised to find out that, guess what, the author, well, "live[s] in central Vermont with [her] partner, [her] preschooler, and an obese cat". while reading, i actually had the distinct feel that the characterisation seemed to work at portraying the women in a kinda more empowered light than the usual novels like that - all that struck me quite a bit, and i thought that i was just reading too much into it all again. turns out i wasn't. which is good.

book number 2 is my pick of the lot. it's kinda like a heavier (in terms of content, topics) version of a coffee table book; also cost the most. moments: the pulitzer prize winning photographs (a visual chronicle of our time), hal buell. it's a collection of the pulitzer prize-winning news photos from 1942 to 2009. very poignant pictures and stories behind them, some. many of the pictures we've actually seen before a lot, on the papers, etc. especially the major events. there was a 2009 picture which i thought was fantastic. of course, it looks WAY better on the book than it does from the comp.

book number 3 is just some paul krugman book (return of depression economics and crisis of 2008). which i stumbled upon and couldn't resist, while trying to locate someone's fake "limited edition of krugman essays"... depression econs seems like a currently relevant book, but for the non-econs person i am, i find robert frank's essays much easier to digest (economic naturalist, etc.) i've read bits of krugman's pop internationalism, peddling prosperity and of course, accidental theorist (!! to col)... while i find the latter most easily digestable, the former 2 seemed more cheem, difficult to comprehend... plus i remember not quite agreeing with an essay in pop internationalism, on asian (namely singapore's) economic growth.

col, i hope you're glad i also make the effort to read the books you talk about. i'm really trying to make good use of my time; and preferably enjoyably too. i hope you like robert frank's stuff too, 'cos i really agree with many of the things he points out. i have choir in the morning, and you have to read my book number 2 when there's a chance - i know you'll like it. by the way, you might wanna have brunch at troubadour on old brompton road one morning. it's a cosy place. tell me if you do.

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