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i would very much like to call the song "we're on the road again" instead ;>

i dreamt i was rushing for german class despite being twenty minutes late and still downstairs of my home waiting for a cab. i guess i still haven't gotten over the horror of ponning my second lesson last term with the lame excuse of being too late. which is the same reason i don't take the long 65 trip there anymore. and when once i braved myself to try it again a coupla weeks ago, i spent the entire one-hour journey panicky-hearted, sweaty-palmed and wristwatch-glancing.

or perhaps it was just the shadow of the fear which struck me last evening when i suddenly recalled that i had a test that very day and i hadn't done any homework, nor studied, but instead spent the day schindler's-listing and pizza-hutting with femdog, winkibo and little black. in any case, after abit of last-minute rushing through chapter 8, it was fine. then i had to take 65 home alone, and it was fine too; don't think i wouldn't welcome it.

i think i should learn to rein my temper in better. i should never even give in to the momentary urge to come confrontational with a friend. i should never stumble. 'cos we all know sometimes there's simply no room for mistakes. think of domino blocks falling one after another, yi fa bu ke shou shi...

perhaps there should never be a limit to tolerance, on stuff not regarding basic principles or morals etc. there could be an outlet, so the limit we have to our tolerance levels will never be met. gefährlich...

back to solid stuff (whatever i mean by that), thank you, xl, yn and zq for coming. sorry, yn and zq, for the (insert vulgarities here) movie which repeatedly told us to "you go to prison, you go to prison" and that "there will be no interruptions, no interruptions, no interruptions". my computer just loves to do whatever it can to put me down when visitors are present. oh, and xl and zq, i downloaded the ukelele's shao nian you song... yay! *makes a v-sign* *guffaw*

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