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meme in a bad mood

from femdog and un_cadeau:

Where is your phone?
finn's on the desk beside quinn.

Your hair?
not short enough, too flat, too thin, fringe always parts crappily.

Your mother?

Your father?

Your favourite food?
shepherd's pie.

Your dream last night?
can't remember.

Your favourite drink?
some crazy kamikaze shit.

Your dream/goal?
max out 7 skills. nah, kidding. find security.

What room are you in?

Your hobby?
write myself out.

Your fear?

Where do you want to be in 6 years?
at age 31, i hope to be in a more stable, secure and self-confident state of mind.

Where were you last night?
with harry at a great cafe, having my affections bought with a muji adventskalender. i love harry.

Something that you're not?
internally validated.


Wishlist item?
colin's physical presence - pepper steak, bubble tea, ktv, parkway, shaved ice, playground, werners'... that aside, i have everything i need. or maybe someone to take over my credit card bills.

Where did you grow up?

Last thing you did?
work, cab home feeling lousy and headached, talk to sis, discover sms, reply col, wash face, remove contacts, put on home specs, check email, ...

What are you wearing?
vj pe tshirt, dhs pe shorts, undies from bkk, home specs, hairband, pimple cream.

Your tv?
55, 56, animal planet, history channel, deutsche welle.

Your pets?
guybrush one i love to bits and would break my heart if he die.

am really lousy and passive at keeping up with. forgive me.

Your life?
overall much better than before. definitely. thank God! i really should get over being so melancholic...

Your mood?
really lousy actually, 'cos when you don't feel good, neither do i, some reason or other, i don't know why.

Missing someone?

mazda 3. or rx8 in matte black also can. except, of course, i can't drive.

Something you’re not wearing?

Your favourite store?
any big bookstore that gets me lost for hours. maybe the taka kino.

Your favourite colour?

The last time you cried?
really can't remember. probably back at the mafia. yuckss double s.

Your best friend?
colin, for all the understanding i've always needed.

One place that I go to over and over?

knows too much.

Favourite place to eat?
it's really the company that matters. pepperlunch is hardly the same without you... 'tho i haven't even tried it since the last we went... :(

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