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the miscellaneous songs of dhsnp years ago...

the sister's back from batam. i got a bottle of morning dew cologne. nothing that/which(?) can't be found in singapore. but something's something and that's still something. :)

my mum was just clearing some stuff when i chanced upon a stack of some relatively old chinese song lyrics... residue of the good/bad (you decide) ol' np days. a few pieces of xinlian's handwriting, the hong2 tou2 jin1 song which never fails to lead our thoughts to "cute" kaiwen (aka gabey's good friend hee~), several of shihua's sbc/tcs drama theme songs, and the liang ge nuu sheng's tian1 shi3 song we sang on stage a godzillion years ago.

well, here's the list of what i found:

  • some song to the tune of emil chau's peng2 you3 in xl's handwriting

  • yang guang zong zai feng yu hou (which i can play on the klavier!!!)

  • wai po de peng hu wan aka yonghan's fave song, which was prolly why peijuan made us learn it... i'm being bitchy here

  • xiao hu dui's li4 ge1 (and i actually have the tape! still do!)

  • pai pai zuo

  • hong2 tou2 jin1 which sounds damn like some opera tune

  • ronald cheng's zhen1 zhi4, played during one of the qing1 chun1 xuan2 luu4s

  • nicky wu's zhu ni yi lu shun feng

  • ai4 ping1 qiu2 hui4 ying2 from the golfing serial yao wenlong acted in

  • zhi3 yao4 ni3 ken3 chang2 shi4 from some kiddy serial called shu3 tiao2 han4 bao3 qing1 chun1 dou4 (possibly with evelyn whatever-her-surname)

  • he2 ping2 de dai4 jia4 (which we sang when we were punished and were told to shut up)

  • qi2 shi2 wo3 bu4 ping2 fan2 (where i seriously offended chunyuan with my own little creation wahaha, always knew i'm a born-rhymer... he prolly didn't murder us 'cos the song just sounded too good)

  • cha1 gan1 lei4 di1, another song from that evelyn show. (anybody remember us singing that on the monkey bars while yueting was telling us to learn zhen1 zhi4 properly or something??)

  • qing1 kong1... amazingly, i can't remember which serial, but i still remember the song! oh man!

  • zhu2 lang4 qing1 chun1 in the swimming competition show starring this fat girl who always wins called zhao min, and her brother i think is thomas ong was called zhao wei. haha.

  • and finally, liang ge nuu sheng's tian shi...

  • maybe now you all can come to understand how it is that i seem to have such a mind for old songs... every once in a while, just before those bits of memory give way to storing new stuff, i always find something which happens to refresh them. not bad sia? *self-satisfied grin*

    anyway, i'm currently a little more than halfway thru book 9: winter's heart. i'll most definitely get book 10: crossroads of twilight, once i manage to get one parent, any parent (ie. mine), down in a bookstore. the paperback version's out and that's certainly much more affordable than the hardcover one. way to go!

    oh, and the digicam and scanner are currently down and i don't know howta fix that 'cos it keeps saying that the comp can't find some "TWAIN" thingy... any help??? and i've yet to install that deutsch software my dad bought either.

    *edit* ps femdog: las vegas is baking! 46 degrees celcius... wow, better weather indeed huh... was it a joke, or is that guy truly clueless?

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