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greek freak

greek, chinese, japanese, korean, tamil, thai...... (add your own; i'm ignorant)

of these languages which possess their own unique set of strokes/curves/whatevers instead of using alphabets, greek most intrigues me. a pageful of greek/tamil/thai would appear nothing more than a series of scribbles to me, as a pageful of chinese/jap/korean characters would appear to ... say, angmohs. (not that greek/tamil/thai would appear any better to the general angmoh...) (before i get flamed, ignorant me chooses to equate a general angmoh with "english as only language"... i'm probably wrong there anyway)

yet, imagine...... if i could learn greek, those weird symbols and stuff could actually start to mean something to me one day! words would jump out at me when i glance at a page of greek the way chinese characters so often do when i sit opposite someone reading lianhe zaobao on the mrt!

maybe jap and korean don't excite me as much 'cos somehow, they're somewhat similar to chinese, and then you'll find that you can more or less decipher a couple of their characters even if they sound different pronounced. and it seems that their language can also be properly spelt out, sorta like hanyu pinyin huh, eg. asita no imagoro ni wa... (stolen from "first love" lyrics) but i'm not so sure greek, or tamil, or thai, have their own "real" set of "alphabetical pronunciations"!

great, maybe i'm just ignorant or what shit-crap. but when i see a whole loada some funny language that i can't make head or tail of, can't even pretend to know how to read, how to enunciate, i freak out! at least in switzerland/spain/whatever, the road signs/billboards could be pronounced, in a way, and then remembered. how to memorise a series of triangles/incomplete circles/wavy squares??? it's like the chinese "ren2" and "ru4"... if i didn't know better, i'd just think it a slight difference in handwriting, but basically the same word... right?

there. maybe i should go pick up some greek in preparation for the day i get dumped on some greek island with no more resources than my own resourceful self.

ps: i probably neglected tamil and thai 'cos... well... there're like so many indians and thais in singapore anyway... but i don't know a single greek. and well, they sound so... erm... greek... to me. :p

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