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of days to come

i attended my sister's convocation/commencement/graduation ceremony/whatever today. which marks only the second time in my entire life i've stepped into nus. ok. wow. *makes face*

--this anti-social freak's wondering how the bloody *beep*ing hell she's gonna make her way around there in the days to come.--

oh well, the main gan xiang after the whole thing was like, wow ok, so many grads ah.... so many honours grads ah? die lor... and my dad was like whispering, next time you get first class honours ok... sheesh. haaiizzzz......

and i saw jeanette aw. effectively bilingual... speaks very well; and pretty to boot. and my sis' good friend was valedictorian... wow. didn't think she was that li hai... considering she's of, like, femdog's size. ::never judge a book by its volume::

that's about it i guess. all for the sake of updating. pictures might be posted once web hosting's up and running again over at graffiti.

and i have 2 weeks worth of hausaufgaben undone. not yet equivalent to the amount of jc tutorials that're still incomplete 'tho. but 80% of my arbeitsbuch is not done too. simply 'cos the teacher doesn't check. i am sooo gonna pay for it one of these days... to think it all started with simply not handing up xi zi in primary school.

xl and yn, i wonder about the both of you each night. haha. :> and rina and shuqi, no doubt you two must be having the time of your lives lah. can picture sq looking boisterous chasing after people with that whacko stick again. damn funny!

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