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more evidence of my fmlness

on sunday, a friend asked me to pass him a copy of the saturday st recruit. i dug it out from the newspaper pile and placed it on top of my bag so i wouldn't forget when i left home the next day. on monday, the paper had disappeared from on top of my bag and i left home without it. later in the day, i came home again to collect it before heading out to meet him. in my hurry to leave home, i grabbed the nearest what-looked-most-like-st-recruit-to-me paper from the paper pile.

on monday night, after meeting, dinner and whatever, upon reaching home, he smsed to tell me that i had passed him a copy of the classifieds instead. horrified, i once again headed for the paper pile and dug out a second copy of what-i-was-sure-was-st-recruit. this time, i was sure because the words "st recruit" were splashed over the top of what-i-thought-was-the-first-page. at lunch today, i headed to his home, braved his angry barking dogs at the door, and stuck the paper under his shoe rack.

this evening, he called to tell me that i had once again passed him another copy of the classifieds. it had a huge "st recruit" advertisement on the back page. fml.

i have since hit the newspaper pile again and this time, i think i've found the right one - it says "st recruit" on the first page, and the top outside corners of the pages say "executive appointments". i hope this is it, hehe.

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