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dear journal, this is really bad - in an fml way. i can't sleep at night and can't wake in the morning. can't wait to get back on my normal working schedule. or for leave to start so at least i don't hafta bother about waking and sleeping anymore. anxiety about not feeling sleepy at all at night is contributing to the sleeplessness! i mean, i could sleep if i really wanted to, but the problem is, i don't!

a re-realisation is that i take 2 hours to fall madly in love, 2 days to completely forget, another 2 hours to fall crazily back in love 2 weeks/months/years later, another 2 days to completely forget again, and so on and so forth. how silly.

worse, i think it's a bit similar with friendship for me - i can do without company and completely forget how wonderful you are until you remind me again by forcing me to spend time with you. that said, i usually don't like to be forced, hehe.

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