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april showers!

heard this song on ch56 and thought it sounded pretty nice +1
had some nice fatty sashimi with shanflower tonight +10
got myself new flipflops that look almost exactly the same as my old ones from bkk... +1
...except they were 5 times the price -10

it was a +2 day in all, so not too bad, hehe. :)

resolutions for april include (i) drink plain water, (ii) drink MORE plain water, (iii) finish snacks before buying new ones, (iv) don't be afraid to risk breaking an arm or leg, (v) in any new situation, fake "well-adjusted" 'til i make it, (vi) remember that i have goals in mind and work towards them while time is still on my side, (vii) try and watch more movies, and try and pick the better ones.

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