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rave on book nine

i finished winter's heart in record time!

it's by far the most exciting book of the first nine, i'd say... now, let me explain

first and foremost, of course that's probably because there were quite a number of chapters on my all-time fave guy mat cauthon, which greatly advanced his (erm) "life's story". now he's finally met his daughter of the nine moons tuon, and has "abducted" her together with a whole strange group of people consisting of egeanin of the blood and her so'jhin bayle domon, renna and seta as sul'dam to teslyn, joline and edessina; joline's warders, tuon's so'jhin, and setalle anan... whom i'm really starting to suspect is some ex-amyrlin seat from many hundred years back. omg omg this is damn damn... exciting... (run out of vocab liao lah)

next, of course i'm elated by the absence of continuation to the perrin and faile and masema and the shaido story. perrin makes me snore; he's a blockhead and he reminds me of moose in archie comics. and no doubt faile makes me feel like slapping her.

everything, and everyone's starting to connect to each other much more than ever before... (i think)... like the return of egeanin and especially bayle domon from the first few books; and now i can confirm that at least elza's a darkfriend, 'tho along the way i've gotten confused about bera and her k-friend, i can't remember the name.

and then the last part, omg omg omg rand al'thor has cleansed saidin! omg omg... and the entire last chapter where all the forsaken made their way to shadar logoth in their bid to kill him. and omg, cyndane is actually lanfear not dead yet, and dashiva was osan'gar in disguise! omg, i thought dashiva was good... and who is moridin anyway?? oh yeah and lanfear alive would mean moiraine isn't dead either! it's damn like gandalf in lord of the rings lor... man, and when i found out that eben had died, i was quite upset... he was like, so cute and innocent......

i really can't wait to lay my hands on crossroads of twilight now. i just checked the nlb online and found a currently un-loaned book in the marine parade library. but i can't believe my luck, 'cos aren't they all supposed to be reserved?? and besides, i'd really damn bloody hell like to own the book. (it's like my "the-sims-expansion-packs-possession-syndrome")

oh man. i think i shall go downtown after lunch and a shower. mat, i'm coming......

btw, stonedog's wot page's pretty good. very good, actually. only, he hasn't been updating it liao. :

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