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MOE's reply to the recent spate of forum letters on the challenges faced by teachers in maintaining a work-life balance

best if you start reading from bottom-up, so you get the chronology of the forum letters right.

wrt ms tan lee hwang's letter (a teaching life or a teacher's lot?), i hope that she has kids that are still in school and that her kids' teachers conduct their lessons exactly the way she thinks they should. i hope her kids' teachers leave all the so-called guard duty to parent volunteers (and if any accident happens to her kids, i hope she accepts that it's the parent volunteers' and not the teachers' fault anyway). i hope her kids' teachers confine their marking of papers only to their free periods, and if cannot mark finish, just make the students do peer-marking... even for english essays, lit and gp. i hope her kids' teachers dump the duty of taking charge of ccas to the so-called student leaders and outside coaches... if anybody fall down and die during obs, rock-climbing, judo, chinese dance, whatever, just blame the student leaders lah. i actually don't see why singapore's teachers should have any obligation at all to teach the kids of a person such as this ms tan lee hwang (assuming she does/did have school-going kids) who has absolutely zero respect for the teaching profession.

wrt mr wee hien seng's letter (take ownership) - he suggests that teachers have only themselves to blame for this lack of work-life balance and that they should take control of their own lives. yes, he's right - that's why moe has such a hard time attracting and retaining teachers, that's why so many teachers who are obviously doing a very good job are quitting for greener pastures, that's why i'm actually wondering whether they're lowering their standards on some new teachers that they sign on... overseas, if such a thing happened, the teachers would go on strike to make a stand. over here, when teachers have need for enough numbers to ensure that their voices be heard, nobody will dare to do it. it's a pity, 'cos people will continue thinking that all teachers have a really slack life and then wonder how come their kids' teachers so irresponsible, make them do peer-marking, never pay enough attention to their kids, blah blah.

if you had a very close relative who is having so much of her life sucked out of her because of her caring too much for these (many, undeserving) kids who pontang all the time, don't do/hand up homework and whom their parents don't spend much time teaching/disciplining them themselves, you would be really angry too.

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