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on on-flight flightiness

hi, i'm back. just. the whole of tomorrow (today, rather), i shall be at a friend's wedding. sunday, i go back to work. i haven't even decided on what to wear tomorrow, and i hafta be up again at 8am. my brows are unplucked and my toenails unpainted and... pants, it shall be, then... but which? shall try get some lookbook inspiration...

on the flight back earlier, i thought about some stuff, plans and all... i guess this is what happens when you take a budget airline and there's no food, no entertainment, whatever, plus the airport didn't exactly stock up on good english reading material either (read: unlike in hong kong). i think i have some nice, fresh, exciting possibilities in the making, but i need time to mull, research, and of course, to wait some things out. discuss when have time.

now, now, where shall my next holiday destination be? canberra is definitely on the list for next year, but where else, for the rest of this year and the next?

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