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today we met a poor scruffy skinny and abused cat at the kopitiam while out for dinner. i think she's a girl. she had longish fur which would have been beautiful, like guybrush's, and a dirty pink collar around her neck, and very sparse fur underneath that collar. one eye was injured - colleague said it looked like it had been burnt with a cigarette. and then colleague also said that her paws looked like they'd been stepped on. she was also incredibly skinny. and very hungry, 'cos she kept looking up with pitiful eyes at anyone who was eating.

i gave her some of my chicken chop. while trying to get the food, she accidentally scratched me as she was batting the piece of meat. i was glad she actually had the strength to bat, 'cos she was moving around so slowly, i thought she might have been dying of hunger. i think she was being scared and hungry at the same time, and she kept using her paw to bat the food as if trying to catch it to eat, and yet trying to remain alert to any form of danger all the time. she was so poor thing. i also gave her all of my oily chicken skin. it was all oily and savoury - very unhealthy for a cat, but can't be helped. colleague said she would need the fat and that it would be good for her - i think he was trying to make me feel better about it.

it was horrible. i think of guybrush nice and safe and warm at home and having his two meals and several treats a day and hugs and kisses and his irritated grumpy looks at us every day and fake pitiful meows to disturb us at night, and i think, even cats have different lots in life. i felt very pained when i saw the cat crawling slowly and as if painfully from table to table. even in a country as safe and prosperous as singapore with its low crime rate and mostly well fed people, she has to feel endangered and hungry.

how did she get from a fluffy little kitten everyone would love, to this ragged injured little mess that no-one enjoys looking upon and that the kopitiam aunties and uncles try to chase away every time they see her?

does she have dreams of prancing about in an open field, catching butterflies or field mice for leisure, not for food, painless paws, clear sight, the fast reflexes she used to have when younger? does it hurt to wake?

if we do not teach our children to be kind to animals who have done them absolutely no wrong and who are utterly defenceless against us humans, how can we teach them kindness to people and forgiveness when others hurt them?

i am angry and very sad. :((((

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