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then and now

almost four years ago, i blogged about how i left a comment on this random dude's blog entry about how he absolutely adores kids, saying that i most certainly wouldn't mind having his. for your info, (i didn't blog this back then, but) i left my contact details as well.

ahhh, those crazy pre-graduation days...... i have a memory of my final year really filled with crazy mindblowing experiences, heeheehee.

for your further info, four years down the road, random dude is still hot and wanted. he still blogs regularly; has learnt some photoshopping skills and is now amateurly inserting text and random objects into his pictures. i still have two photos of him in my phone. AND i still wouldn't mind having his kids, muahahahahahahaha!


after about three years of inactivity, i'm finally thinking of closing my friendster account.

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