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wednesday well spent

today (my day off) i woke up 6 hours earlier than i usually do and managed to squeeze so much into one short day! SIX HOURS!!! and tomorrow is gonna be an interesting day 'cos we're starting work 4.5 hours earlier than usual... which means waking up 4.5 hours earlier than usual... so i guess i can consider today's six hours a practice for tomorrow.

yoga was so nice today, 'tho waking up in time for it was a nightmare. mentaiko tofu is HEAVENLY. i was secretly happy i had all of it, hehe. col and i bought altogether almost $160 worth of books and i'm now the proud owner of two not-very-christmassy books - the origins of war and the preservation of peace, and war crimes and atrocities. i should totally stay away from bookshops!

the rest of the day, i got more stuff done, got more stuff bought, and even managed to squeeze in a hair cut! my wonderful hairdresser, to whom i always give entirely free reign over my hair (??), decided to trim my fringe in a slightly different way this time. i think it looks a tad too kiddy and tut (read: WTH?!!?). my horrible sister says i now look like how i looked in my i/c at age 12... but i think that's a lie, lol. besides, hair grows out in a couple of months or so, so no sweat. i still love my hairdresser.

i'm gonna watch bowie solve more complex cases with his amazing body-language reading powers now.

i love anchovy porridge. i love bovril. i love MENTAIKO TOFU. and i love salted egg yolk crab! WE MUST GO EAT SOON!!!

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