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05 August 2003 @ 01:28 am
little things  
sorry not much time and energy left to update and reply comments. school is... well, a whole new experience... and rather exciting, so far. don't hafta go into all those random adrenaline-rush-producers(?) lah huh. ;p hopefully things will remain fine and satisfactory once lectures and tutorials and all shit start for real.

by the way, the lecturer/professor/whatever for the placement test recommended German 2 for the smaller class size and higher level of interaction, but said i could choose to take German 3 anyway. that she gave me a choice was good. i picked German 2. yay. now let's all hope fervently for annika to take my lecture/tutorial/whatever.

shall end here for today. sleepy sleepy!
Mood: happy
Music: same song... i'm boring!