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five things

1. well it seems there's nothing really anyone wants me to write (more) about, so too bad. it's a funny thing i notice - locked entries tend to spawn more responses despite the smaller group of readers; the opposite from back when we were still in school, wonder why.

2. perhaps having been a hr person before allows me to see/hear clearer the irony in every other line hr people tend to spew.

3. after waiting for and borrowing grey's anatomy season 4 from femdog and painstakingly making it through all but the last two episodes, i suddenly realised last night that i actually own the original season 4, complete with subtitles and bonus features. i had bought it in hong kong in 2009 and it had been lying in the dvd cupboard all along. fml. it'd be great if i could miraculously find season 5 lying around somewhere too. *hinthint*

4. i think that vday (and its modern-day associations) is the dumbest, most embarrassing idea ever invented in the whole wide world. but if, despite thinking so but because of the beliefs/value system and expectations of the one you love, you choose to on that day conform to and celebrate it nevertheless, then i think that's pretty admirable.

5. i feel very badly like sinking my teeth into camembert with cranberry sauce. there are just some things in life (mostly food) that you can live without for much of the time, but once you get another little taste of it, you get all obsessed with it for a while and need to have your fix of it immediately and repeatedly. but once you pass that phase, you're alright for a while... until the next wave hits you, of course. or maybe it's just me. i've been called a serial monogamist, and i find it quite an accurate description. i actually believe that perhaps my genes predispose me to addiction.

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