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had dinner with the parents at a kopitiam in the vicinity. after the food, while the parents were taking their own sweet time to finish their kopi and teh, i was seated there with a bloated stomach and bursting bladder - felt very much like puking from seafood horfun overload and urgently like peeing from too much green tea trying to wash down all that horfun. and very tired at the same time from having had to get up this morning at the unearthly hour of 830am to make it in time for the second and last day of the media laws course.

so, as the parents were getting great joy out of slowly sipping their kopi and teh and watching me die of internal injuries keeping all that puke and pee in, who should come by but one of the mother's many random friends... who proceeded to join us for some neverending small talk about her daughter's fantastic a level results and doctor aspirations. so i had to sit patiently through the entire conversation with a 苦笑 plastered on.

when they were finally done, the father insisted on taking the longest route home so that the wonderfully long walk home could aid in our digestion. as we finally reached the void deck of my block and just about twenty steps away from the lift (which would have brought me to the sixth storey, twenty steps to my doorstep and another twenty steps to the blessed toilet bowl), who should come by but one of our many random neighbours... who, of course, proceeded to engage us in yet another conversation. so i had to spend the next five painful minutes patiently attempting to teach the neighbour's 6-year-old charge how to spell boy and dog while the parents yakked away with neighbour.

thereafter, i'm glad to say there were no other incidents, apart from a minor episode where guybrush tried to trip me up at the balcony door... which, if he had succeeded, would certainly have burst my bladder. i guess i got my daily practice of self-control. not sure if any permanent damage was done with all that holding. good news is, i've been scheduled for a free medical check-up some time soon.


okay, all that rubbish aside, i'm a little disturbed that the little six-year-old girl could spell neither boy nor dog. she had originally spelt boy as doy and dog as dgo. thing is, i don't think it's dyslexia, 'cos not only had she got it written out in pen on a little notepad, she was also reciting the erroneous spellings out loudly. so, either someone's teaching her wrongly, or no one's teaching her at all.

when i was six, the only spelling word i got wrong the entire year in k2 was pilot... i thought it should have been pailet or something, i guess... i just couldn't get past the p. so, anyway, even assuming i was highly intelligent and special (which i'm sure i was, haha), any six-year-old with proper kindergarten education should be able to spell boy and dog... and cat and ball and tree too... even elephant and giraffe and hippopotamus. the father commented that it was no use just sending a kid to school a couple of hours a day, and that they should be properly nurtured from a very young age and not just sent to a random nanny's place to stay for most of the time and forgotten about.

it made me think again that if people didn't want to put much effort into raising kids, why bother having them in the first place. and then again, it made me think that, without people to 垫底, how would those at the top shine as bright. i'm sure there's some logical flaw somewhere. but i think i learnt in media law today that i might be able to claim fair comment for this if accused of defamation. at least that's what i caught in between all that nodding off. i might be wrong. zzz.

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