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feuerwerks sind schoen!

hi! i'm posting at rina's house and have yet the chance to reply comments, as usual. happy national day, people! and happy 38th birthday, singapore! singapur, singapour, singapura, temasek, whatever... ;p i promise to post up my favourite national day song lyrics when i next get hold of the computer at home. have fun guessing which song... i must have mentioned it before to femdog already. damn nice!!! oh and by the way, zhou jie lun's new album, songs number 3 and 6 are the nicer ones, 'tho i think that in general, all aren't too bad lah. ;> especially song number 6. super nice! ok, am i starting to sound juvenile and over-happy in this entry? oh well so long so long!

*edit* by the way, my legs cramped from sitting cross-legged on her bed and typing this. and she's still in the bath now. haha. so fun! i hope my daddy gets us the laptop he's been scouting around so long for!!! then i can sit on my bed and cramp up my legs while using the comp as well! she's out now... bye bye bye bye! :D

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