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this post exists so my noodles can be digested

1. i felt both drained and greedy after work today. on the one hand, i was so tired i wanted to go bury myself under the sheets immediately - i didn't even bother giving guybrush a nice long rub and scratch tonight. on the other, maybe out of habit, i felt like stuffing myself. in the end, rich made me some xiang1 mian4. else is back from taiwan today. so funny, she brought back a range of quirky-looking shots with relatively high alcohol content. i look forward to them. so, anyway, i'm still up now to give the xiang mian some time to settle down nicely in my fatty stomach.

2. my sister rocks. i often wonder if it's actually possible for anyone in the world to have a sister more fantastic than mine. well, maybe it is possible... i think my sister's sister might possibly be a more fantastic sister than my sister... but then again, i think, maybe not lah, hehe. tomorrow will be dedicated to getting the stuff she requested and digging up the rest that already exist at home so that we can bring them there. i miss her.

3. i was just going through some of jay's songs over the years. i saw him on his mr j variety show on tv the other day. i think he's really cool - i mean, just look at everything he can do/is enabled to do now! well, i mean, his mum strategically forced him to master his musical instruments, turned out he could sing and compose and looks pretty okay too. and all those albums and concerts later, now he can say wanna host a show, then he hosts a show; he sees someone and thinks he/she is talented, then he/she gets groomed and gets a headstart to success in showbiz. even better, having his own variety show allows him to promote his own stable of handpicked talents, and he even gets to explain why his new songs are so similar to some of the old...and actually sound convincing! omg. wow. doesn't he just feel powerful?

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