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nein, nine

1. i wish my feelings of hunger and fullness would occur at more appropriate times.
2. i hate how cockroaches never fail to run or fly straight into you, no matter how much noise you make beforehand to warn them you're approaching.
3. i feel accutely the weight of my lower eyelids.
4. upper ones too, at the moment.
5. my thoughts on 'lie to me' so far: it pretends to be so clever and complex, but it's really too simplistic. still, i like it sufficiently.
6. i surround myself so much with people who can understand what i'm getting at quickly enough to complete my sentences, that i've grown lazy to explain myself to others who can't. as a result, i suck at verbally expressing myself. but the people i surround myself with, i adore to bits.
7. i have four days worth of newspapers to finish.
8. why am i so tired??
9. bed beckons; bye.

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