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longest day ever

very tired as usual and lack of energy to reply comments. and only barely enough left for updating. help... save me... maybe let me try giving a vague backward summary of my day:

  • i got home and found to my shock and horror the numerous things i have to do online.

  • i took the train from somerset to raffles place, took wrong train from raffles place back to somerset; went back to raffles place and finally got on the right train home.

  • i had a very stressful german lesson today, immediately after which was my final exam as i can't make it on both monday and thursday next week.

  • i met mr. leong again right after class ended, before the exam started. apparently he's doing some cool-sounding thing at the goethe-institut. oh well three cheers for leong.

  • i had a very stressful time cramming in a mini pao pao cha guan, but rina was a fine study companion and the uncle was nice. :>

  • i had my first english lecture, met senny for lunch, met rina and shuqi, the rest i need not elaborate lah. let me reinstate, i'm super tired.

first english lecture was good and interesting. only, she made us go home give examples on wordplay for homework. now, everyone just knows how good i am at such stuff right? ;p (aiyah bootlickers forward!) but un-spontaneously, i just can't produce lor... it takes everything out of it! no more amusement, no more novelty, most importantly, the fact that it's no longer refreshing hardly makes it fun anymore! wah kau!

and the forum people are so enthu they scare me. and they're all over in the chatroom discussing weirdo wordplay puns and ironies and stuff. wah lau... what do i do??? where they get all that energy and zeal and zest and whatnot?!? one word -- fainted......

a little something: (note: this is 100% true and not made up)
today, rina was carrying a whole lot of really heavy stuff and was at the bus-stop outside the goethe-institut waiting for her bus when she said "the weight is killing me". and i thought she said "the wait is killing me"...

now, that's what i call spontaneous. well, it may not be too funny, but you know, stuff like this happens all the time, all day, everywhere, and we see the... fun(?) of it... but when you specifically try to force something out... aiyah just cannot make it lah.

still, the lecture was interesting and informative, especially the part on singlish being a language and "chicken cannot eat already" having the subject in front of the sentence. that's where i find studying german comes in helpful, sort of. the more languages you actually have some knowledge of, the easier it is to understand the "nature of language". it seems to me. bwahah... i'm starting to sound like those forum people. their threads give me headaches man.


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