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sometimes i feel guilty for not spending enough time with guybrush. today is one of those days. there are fewer and fewer people at home who are interested in spending time with him. sometimes i wish yati were still around so she could play with him more.

sometimes i don't even know what he really wants (aside from food)... sometimes i would scratch him and stroke him and then he would tilt his head to one side and appear to like it a lot, and then shake his head as if to get rid of me and then move away... am i supposed to follow or what? sometimes i do, and then he repeats it. sometimes i don't, and then he moves away for a while and then walks back over in a while but don't really know what he wants. don't even know if what i'm doing is satisfying him and making him happy.

he's such a wonderfully cool and aloof cat, i want him to have his own personal space. but i don't want him to be lonely either. sometimes i wish he had better company... who could scratch him at all the right places at the right angle with just the right amount of pressure. i love him so much, i wonder if he knows. i'm like one of those parents who splurge on their kids out of guilt they're not spending enough time with them; only, i do it with food.

poor guybrush. he's the only one who makes me understand what "sometimes love just ain't enough" means. heh.

oh, and by the way, it's friday the thirteenth tomorrow (today, rather). and i'm very tired and am going to bed.

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