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thoughts of the day

1. remind me never again to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach.

2. you can't expect to remain permanently skinny if you stop exercising and still snack often.

3. you can't expect not to become rusty eventually if you don't let yourself get enough practice.

4. the best thing about having the house to yourself? naked freedom... windows closed, of course.

5. the worst thing about having the house to yourself? talking to yourself way more often than you usually do, because you know no one will accidentally overhear you doing so.

6. colin's fml powers have struck from almost 10,000 miles away! of the two pairs of slippers i have under my desk, i wore one side of each pair home from work tonight... and never felt the difference until i noticed them lying on the floor just. this can mean only one thing - she'll be back soon... in fact, she might even already be on the flight home as i type. scary!

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