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what i would like to say today is:

1. i think it is tremendously tiring and taxing on the heart to be terrified of thunder and lightning. :(
2. being aware of when i have exceeded my shelf life is very important to me, so that i may cut my losses and move on as painlessly as possible.
3. i am very tired; a little bothered by being branded slut.
4. i am very tired; wish my difficulties in holding on to my thoughts weren't so painfully obvious all the time.
5. i am just very tired.
6. why does she speak and write and deal with matters so childishly?
7. how could anyone bear to hurt a kitten??
8. some wish to instill fear in their kids so they wouldn't be so reckless; me, i wish only to be rid of all these fears that bind me.
9. bone-tired.

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