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on evil cab snatchers

here's an outdated entry i wanted to post on thursday morning, but decided to hold for a while because, umm, well, i was trying not to post in anger. in the end, i'm still posting it unedited, hehe. okay, actually, it was almost 11 o'clock and i was also a bit distracted by the prospect of being late to get my macs big breakfast lah. whatever.

"alright, i'm freaking pissed.

i just spent 20min downstairs waiting for a cab under the hot sun, and lo and behold, two men appear from inside the shade about 2m in front of me and try to flag down every empty-looking cab that's coming my way.

after they repeated this several times even despite my moving right in front of them where i was bloody sure they saw me, i finally confronted them about it.

i'm not sure how much of me they actually heard, but basically i said, will you guys stop cutting my queue. i've been here under the sun trying to flag a cab for the past 20min while you guys hide under the shade calling for a cab, only to come out to cut my queue when a cab comes by. i think this is very unfair.

i was close to trembling with rage, and they didn't respond. but they did stop trying to cut my queue after that.

but no cab came still.

finally, i decided i'd lost enough calories and sweated enough just standing in the heat boiling from all that hot sun and anger, so i cancelled gym and headed back home. where i am now posting via my hp in rage.

by the way, the two men were in office wear and looked like they were quite it-savvy, a lot like those you'd expect to see teaching tutorial in some computer science classes in the university."

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