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the sky is red and i love too much

sigh. sometimes, i think, i have so many loves in life, i don't have enough of myself to throw equally into each and every one of them.

i love guybrush, i love jay chou, i love hong kong, i love bangkok, i love zurich, i love yoga, i love to read - there's so much to read, i read too slowly, get distracted too quickly, i love learning new languages, i love picking up random new stuff, i love so many of the people i interact with and don't interact with on a daily basis, i love other people's cats and dogs and kids and whatever... i love, i love... so many, so many things and people and animals and all!

i'm afraid i love this world too much. i'm afraid that because i love this world so much, it will be wrenched from me sooner than later.

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