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hi journal,

hi all,

i'm back. with mixed feelings, as usual.

my life in travel limbo is over for the next little while, and now i can get back to my real life. but is this really what i want my real life to be?

possibilities, possibilities; and i find myself running through in my head again advice i gave someone else in a sweaty little noodle shop in tsim sha tsui almost exactly two years back.

i'm afraid like hell of setbacks, of having to make u-turns eventually if/when things don't work out. i was brought up to constantly be living in fear and worry, unfortunately. but i don't want to find myself stuck anywhere and die full of regrets 'cos i'm just too scared to make a move either.

so many things i want do in life; i just don't have enough lives to do them all.


meanwhile, there's a wonderful article with great graphics in monocle's july/august issue. here's a link to the intro of the article, but you can't see the whole thing online without a subscription. sneak a peek at your local bookstore or something. it leaves so much to the imagination, it's like the sims - I WANT TO BUILD IT!

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