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18 August 2003 @ 01:50 pm
my blue jersey guy  
actually i really should be doing my eu readings instead of updating on a cute guy here now... but well... i have weak resistance toward cute guys. happy guys. laughing guys. dancing guys. combine them in one and i'm smitten. *smitten look*

femdog and i went for the nus jazz concert thingy at chijmes last evening. there, femdog made the revelation that the name "chijmes" stemmed from "chij" and that it was originally a school. feeling suaku, i said, "sorry i'm not from singapore". haha, ok i hope everybody knows that was a joke... don't start flaming! ;p

anyway, let's jump straight into the main point. halfway, they invited those inspired by the music to get up and dance. after the first few songs to which a few couples danced to, this guy in an adidas blue jersey with white stripes running across the chest of his shirt, and down the sides, got up and started dancing with this girl. more details -- he had this black chain around his neck, he's the fair-normal-coloured chinese type, and he was laughing with his mouth open (of course, laughs occur with open mouths) all the time he was dancing.

i really really liked/loved/whatever the way he was dancing with such... reckless abandon? i wish i could describe all his super-cute dance steps here, but i can't, at least femdog saw them all and knows what it is i like. *big smile* he was just taking such big steps and swinging his arms around... big big cool cool cute-guy actions, all the while laughing. and with each of the different partners he had, some part of their dance steps would include suddenly hopping over to this far end where they'd have more space to dance.

i was then reminded of how i started to develop a small kinda "crush-like" for my ogl last time. it was when i saw melvin getting all happy and excited about dancing... and the same big steps and big actions he made while dancing. then i started wondering if that blue jersey was gay... ok, you know the way my train of thought goes lah. ;p anyway, i would be just as happy if he were gay -- then no other female would have him mah! and he wasn't dancing with any one partner in particular. which made me pretty happy too.

i think i really have this super great weakness for such happy laughing dancing guys, they don't even have to be shuai... just cute in my unique way would do. sigh, i wish wish so wish that i had been able to tape him down somewhere and show him to the world! he's so bloody cute!!! do opposites really attract? am i attracted to happy laughing guys who dance with wild abandon because i'm too self-conscious and can't? i feel inspired to pick up jazz dance for his sake... man... i like replaying my visual memory of his big arm-swinging, leg-kicking steps. i know my description sounds really shitty and uninteresting, but in reality, he was really good, really cute......

even more details on how he looked, for the benefit for others who'd share my interests *grin*, he had the joey kinda look (you know, that vj soccer guy a batch older than us?). except he was somewhat taller, somewhat more built... man, i'm really smitten...

i guess it's time to get back to my readings. i have a lecture this evening. cute guys always make me happy. no matter what. :)
Mood: refreshed
Music: wo de ai ren -- jordan chan
the doob: bunnyfemdog on August 22nd, 2003 10:15 am (UTC)
blue jersey. maybe you can write a poem or something?
well guess what? revelation no. 2 : you like happy guys right? and happy = gay. so you like gay guys! is my argument valid? sorry, been doing too much living with maths. haha! but seriously, maybe there really is a connection hor...

anyway, congrats with your latest no-name crush. even though he isn't THAT cute in my opinion, i understand that beauty -or should i say cuteness- is in the eyes of the beholder. and i've to agree he really was dancing with reckless abandon though i was actually paying more attention to the band. and i know how nice it is to be in a state of euphoria due to your smitten with someone. heehee, hope one day you'll actually meet with blue-jersey and manage to recognise him, though it's quite impossible, but who says you can't dream? ;)
a little less than the girl next doorin_transit on August 23rd, 2003 06:34 am (UTC)
Re: blue jersey. maybe you can write a poem or something?
haha it was pretty smart of you to draw that conclusion... well... maybe i do like gay guys... but then, who doesn't? haha!

hey and i actually spotted another cute guy at this nus cca funtion thingy i attended last night. might leave the details for my update. (if i do) and yeah, maybe i just ought to write a poem about them all -- an ode to the crushes of my life. :D i love reckless abandon!
the doobfemdog on August 23rd, 2003 10:34 am (UTC)
Re: blue jersey. maybe you can write a poem or something?
my god. your hormones are raging with reckless abandon. ;P