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because i have no wonderfully thought-provoking thing to write about

and so i woke at 8.40 this morning and made it in time for yin yoga at 9.30. then i grocery-shopped (snack-shopped, really) at cold storage and had lunch alone at sakuraya... where i had THE WHOLE GRILLED SPICY SALMON BELLY TO MYSELF... and missed colin a bit because i had this interesting calculation in my head i wanted to talk about. then i tried to make it in time to the gym for pilates at 5.40, but being very fml, i reached only at about 5.50 and decided to forget it and just go shower instead. then i had stuffed mushrooms and ravioli and sangria and affogato and mint tea with shanflower, who is just as fml as i am. :) and so the second of my three days off was a very nice day indeed.

ps: last night, the first of my three days off, i slept most of it and woke up for a chilli crab dinner and then went back to sleep very full.

pps: tomorrow, the third of my three days off, i'm booked for yin again, same time, and i don't think i have any other plans yet. well, i have some half-formed plans, but we shall see...

ppps: it occurred to me that i don't know if i go to the gym so that i can concentrate better at yoga; or if i go for yoga so that i can appear fitter at the gym.

pppps: it's scary how many of the girls stripping in front of me in the changing room at the gym have bods that look like they came straight out of some softporn movie. should i be filled with envy or disgust??

ppppps: my focus at yoga today was wholly on grilled spicy salmon belly!!!

pppppps: there's something about having a long stretch of days off that often makes me not wanna go back to work ever again. amen.

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