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from thefridayfive

1. What is your favourite type of food? (i.e. Italian, Mexican, etc.)
comfort food, whatever that means.

2. What is the name of your favourite restaurant?
werner's oven at siglap (german). a close second is everest kitchen at macpherson (nepalese).

3. Do you like fast food?
yes. mcwings, mccrispy that doesn't exist anymore, kfc eggtarts, popeyes' mashed potato and fish bites, taco bell cinammon fries, mos burger kakiage burger mos dog and iced milk tea...... I LOVE FAST FOOD!

4. Do you prefer to be alone or in a group when you eat out?
i prefer to go as a pair. don't mind going alone either especially when i'm really hungry and don't wanna share my food.

5. Do the waiters/waitresses at your favourite restaurant know you by name?
no, but i know them by name - especially werner's uncle and indian uncle, lol. and i'm sure they recognise me/us.

i also know all the 85 people by name - torres <3, jolene brother, shaolin uncle, spunky auntie, jaunty, gerrard, and many many more i can't recall offhand. who else ah?

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