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this leftie finds it a little strange how she can write, draw, use the chopsticks and scissors with her left hand, but is quite useless with a computer mouse in that same hand. and how, while she can't write, draw, use the chopsticks or scissors with her right, she's actually quite adept with the mouse in that hand.

and, like a good leftie, she wears her watch on her right wrist, but she uses her fork and knife together the way righties do. but when using just the fork alone, she switches it over to her left hand.

oh, and she's pretty ambidextrous at badminton - it depends on where the shuttlecock's coming from and whether there's time to change hands. but strictly a leftie at table tennis. and strictly a rightie at hockey and floorball. and she catches and throws balls better with her right hand too. lol. (she hopes this means equal distribution of muscles in both arms.)

and she's musing over this tonight 'cos her right wrist hurts and she thought maybe she ought to share the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome with her left wrist too.

on to another topic and back to first person...

it's the end of my two weeks of leave and i'll be back at work in about 14 hours.

i'm sad my nice and lazy break has ended, but i know i'll be happy again once i get back into the flow of things in, like, about 16 hours?

now that i've said that, i've jinxed myself and i'll probably be unhappy at work for the rest of the year.

but now that i've said that, i've unjinxed myself and will probably be happy after all.

but now that i've said that, i've just jinxed myself again!

but now i'm unjinxed... jinxed again... unjinxed... jinxed again......... !!!

okay, that was so wuliao. lol. goodnight.

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